EU Campaign

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The campaign is called: 440,000 reasons not to eat kangaroo meat... 

The campaign relates to the fact that some 440,000 baby kangaroo's (young at foot) die each year as a result of being the by-product of killing 3-4 million kangaroos per year in Australia.

Between 1991 and 2009 some 55,884,682 kangaroos have been killed for their meat or skin.  Skins going mainly to make sports footwear.

Over the same period estimates show that about 21 million were female who on a low estimate of 25%, would have young-at-foot.  This equates to some 5 million baby kangaroos (young at foot) being left by the industry to face a cruel and inhumane death. For every female kangaroo killed, three generations are wiped out: mother kangaroo, in-pouch baby kangaroo and young at foot.

Every minute 6 kangaroos are shot! - Every 30 sec a baby kangaroo dies! 

Campaign Objectives:

To call on the Member States of the European Union:

- To support and endorse a TOTAL European Union ban on the trade in all products derived from the commercial slaughter of kangaroos;

- To urge the EU to adopt an unconditional prohibition on the imports of kangaroo products without exception and loopholes;

- To urge the elected members to vote to ban ALL kangaroo products from the EU.

By helping us to achieve the above objectives you will save every year the lives of some 440,000 at foot baby kangaroos.