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Red Joey with MotherMillions of
and their
babies are
killed for

Sports shoe makers are
causing the slaughter of
these gentle creatures.
Chief offender is Adidas, who
are promoting kangaroo-skin
football boots as the latest fad.

Help to blow the whistle on
this sickening trade

hanging dead kangaroos





Predator Football Bootgive adidas the boot text


A million baby “joeys” will be slaughtered this year, torn from their dying mothers’ pouches and stamped on, clubbed to death or left to die of starvation. They are the discarded “trash” of Australia’s new growth industry - kangaroo meat and skin. Seven million adult kangaroos will also be shot to supply world markets - and the numbers are increasing inexorably.
The company most eagerly supporting this mass slaughter is Adidas, by heavily marketing its highly-priced, kangaroo-skin, Predator football boots around the world. Headline stars such as David Beckham encourage the brutality by wearing and promoting Predator boots.

Tiny Orphaned Joey
a baby joey, rescued after her mother was shot

Australia’s government sees kangaroos as an export earner -justifying the massacre with well-rehearsed myths. Adidas simply echoes them, claiming that kangaroos destroy wheat crops and degrade grazing land. New scientific studies show that 90 per cent of wheat fields never see a kangaroo and they have little impact on grazing.
Even worse, the big skins demanded by Adidas and other shoe makers already threatens the largest species of kangaroo - the red. Targeting the biggest, fittest animals for their skin has the potential to cause extinction.
The killing takes place at night in the outback and is unmonitored. Many animals are badly shot and are hauled on to trucks by steel hooks while still alive. It is the biggest massacre of land wildlife ever known.

Predator Football Boot

For all these reasons, we are calling on Adidas to stop using kangaroo skin.
You can help:

  • Boycott Adidas and complain to:
    Customer Services,
    Adidas UK Ltd.,
    The Adidas Centre,
    PO Box 39,
    Peppers Road,
    Stockport SK7 SSD.
    Email: sustainability@adidas.de

  • Urge David Beckham to ditch Adidas Predator boots. Write to him:
    c/o SFX Sports Group,
    Priest House,
    1624 High St,
    Knowle, Solihull 0JU.

  • Don't buy kangaroo leather! Choose state-of-the-art, microfibre boots.

  • Contact Viva! for a free kangaroo action pack
    Email: kangaroo@viva.org.uk

  • Contact the AWPC

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